Data Assessment

Data is information that is collected and stored.

Privacy is the ability to be free from being observed or disturbed by other people.

I do not think that it is possible to be completely anonymous on the Internet. This is because there are millions of robots gathering information about everyone no matter what they do on the internet, whether it be “anonymous” data or not. Everyone who has used the internet before is not anonymous, no matter how safe they think they are.

I don’t think that the collection of data online should be regulated. I believe that all data you create online is your own decision. I do believe that everyone’s search history should be announced to the world, but any photos posted, posts typed, or videos uploaded are the responsibility of the person who generates them to decide whether or not they should be private.

Teenagers Arrested for Sexting

In this article, a 15 year old girl and boy were caught by their teacher for sending/receiving nude photographs. They were both sent to jail and got out on bail, which shows up on their permanent record. This could ruin their chances to get a job they want in the future, or even to get into college. The female now has a private picture of herself on the internet, which could cause bullying, or lack of respect.

I understand the purpose of the two students sexting each other, but he shouldn’t have shown the photo to anyone else. In general, sexting is a bad idea unless you are over the age of 18, and you understand the consequences. They were just ignorant to send each other photos and look at them in a public place.

If these children only had access to the communication mechanisms of 1996, then they wouldn’t have been arrested, simply because there is no evidence that they had seen anything, unless they took legitimate photographs and had them printed out to give to one another.

Sadie: Online Edition

Sadie really enjoys dog memes, and is a fan of makeup blogs on Instagram. She is very passionate about feminism and takes a lot of selfies.

If my interviewer had access to my posts on Facebook from 2014 about America and how amazing of a country it was, they would possibly think I was being sarcastic (which I was) and see it as a lack of respect for our country. I also used to make a lot of really bad jokes. They were not funny at all, and I don’t think my interviewer hire anyone with a stale sense of humor.


One thought on “Data Assessment

  1. robidouxwebdesign says:

    Technical Understanding: 20/20
    Level of Inquiry: 19/20…what would be the rationale for ensuring that everyone’s search history be public?
    Communication: 20/20…your occasional run-on sentences make certain portions difficult to follow
    Application: 20/20…there are a some grammatical errors
    Connections: 20/20

    Final Grade: 99/100


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