Current Events – 3/2/17 Boston Dynamics’ Newest Robot, Handle

Boston Dynamics is a Google owned company that “builds advanced robots with remarkable behavior: mobility, agility, dexterity and speed.” (Boston Dynamics).  The robot, called “Handle” is a six-foot tall robot that can lift up to 100 pounds. It glides easily across any surface and moves up to 9mph. The robot can also jump three feet into the air, land, and keep moving at the same pace. It has ten modular joints, and is a lot more complex than most of the robots that Boston Dynamics has made in the past.


A lot of factory workers have been reacting negatively to this robot, and they see it as a threat to their jobs. This robot is a step in the right direction towards innovation and technology, but we still have a long way to go before robots can take over the workplace.


The Guardian


Boston Dynamics Website


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